The Mill


I'm ready to start using the tools. How do I get started?

  1. First you need to take the certification class for the tools you are interested in using. Members and non-members alike can take these classes.
  2. Next, join as a member of The Mill. You can join for as little as a month. Family membership options are also avaialble.
  3. Then, book time on your desired equipment or come in to use the non-scheduled equipment.
  4. Finally, continue learning by working with other members or taking specific skills classes.
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What Equipment is available?

We offer a full woodshop, metalworking equipment, laser cutter, and many other specialty tools. Please see our Equipment page for an updated list.

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Who is The Mill community?

  • Artists wanting to explore new media
  • Schools and Universities seeking to enhance their courses with outside facilities
  • People adding to their skill set for job hunting or project purposes
  • Parents and children looking to take fun classes and work on projects together
  • Hobbyists
  • Inventors
  • Makers
  • Hackers
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How can I get updates on what’s happening at The Mill?

Sign up on our contact page!!

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Can I just join and use the equipment?

Once a member has completed the Basic Skills and Safety (BSS) class for a piece of equipment, they may schedule time and use that equipment. See our classes section for an up to date list of BSS classes. Visit the equipment page and view the specific equipment to see if we have a calendar to book time.

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What is your gun policy?

The Mill does not allow guns on the premises.

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What are you hours of operation?

The Mill is open 10am - 10pm weekdays and 10am - 4pm on Saturdays.

As our community grows, we may modify the hours to work best for our members.

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Do you have Insurance?

Yes! To ensure the safety of our community, we require all members and people who attend classes to sign a Liabilty Release Waiver. All members must also complete a Basic Skills and Safety (BSS) class for a piece of equipment before they may use it.

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Can I bring my children to the shop with me?

People between the ages of 12 and 18 are permitted to work on projects under the direct supervision of a guardian as long as both people are members of The Mill.

Certain equipment is off limits to minors at all times and minors must be accompanied by a guardian to be allowed into the shop areas of The Mill.

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How can I become a member?

Check out our membership section for all of the info you need to become a member of The Mill.

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What should I wear when I come to use the shop or take a class?

Anyone in the shop areas of the Mill must wear closed toed shoes.

Don't wear your tie in the shop.

Tie back long hair.

Wear short sleeves around spinning equipment such as lathes and and shapers.

If you will be using welding tools or anything else that produces flames or sparks we recommend long sleeves and pants made from natural fibers.

Jewelry such as rings and necklaces should not be worn around any industrial machinery.

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