The Mill


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The Twin Cities has gained another makerspace option. The Mill seems to be sort of a tech shop where dozens of high-end tools are available to dues-payers. I’m dying to check it out!

The Mill is a new educational industrial arts/maker space in Minneapolis, Minnesota that celebrates the do-it-yourself culture and creative communities by providing members with access to tools, equipment and instruction. From woodworking to metalworking and electronics, members of the Mill will work on individual or collaborative projects in a well-stocked, industrial grade fabrication workshop. The Mill offers a unique solution to address the knowledge, space, storage and social constraints of building projects at home.

The mission of the Mill is to serve as an incubator of ideas; to foster a collaborative community where members utilize industrial arts concepts, cutting edge technology and time tested fabrication equipment to create innovative solutions to technical issues in fabrication and making. Through classes, group interaction, and an inclusive environment, the Mill is a space where innovation and creativity can be fostered for novice and expert alike.